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…News is poetic?

3by3by3 is an interesting concept where users pick 3 stories from Google News, and using only words that occur in the first few paragraphs of each story, make a poem with 3 stanzas of 3 lines each and no more than 60 characters per line. They are then given 3 word titles, with one word from each story. The results are strikingly poetic, and give a pretty good idea just how verbose some news stories can be.


[Via: The Presurfer]

…Google Hearts The Mac?

Google Mac Downloads

Google is finally beginning to show some support for Mac users. They’ve created an Official Google Mac Blog to update users on all the new Google news relating to the Mac. Though there’s currently only one post, it’s a helpful link to Google’s new page for Mac Software Downloads, a useful site for downloading all of the Mac software supported by Google on one page. Some of the programs include Google SketchUp, Google Earth, and Picasa Web Albums Uploader. Plus, they’ve got a Google Mac Sites Search for gathering up all your Mac news in a very Google(y) way.

[Official Google Mac Blog]

[Google Software Downloads for the Mac]

[Via: Lifehacker]