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…YouTube is going Googley?

Ever since the creation of GooTube (YouTube being purchased by Google), there’s been quite a bit of speculation floating around about what changes are going to occur, specifically to YouTube. The following video is an interesting interpretation of what could happen if the Google hype team was turned loose, though I imagine the end result will be much more Googley (read: cleaner) than this video makes it out to be.

Reminds me a lot of the Microsoft iPod video.

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…Google Hearts The Mac?

Google Mac Downloads

Google is finally beginning to show some support for Mac users. They’ve created an Official Google Mac Blog to update users on all the new Google news relating to the Mac. Though there’s currently only one post, it’s a helpful link to Google’s new page for Mac Software Downloads, a useful site for downloading all of the Mac software supported by Google on one page. Some of the programs include Google SketchUp, Google Earth, and Picasa Web Albums Uploader. Plus, they’ve got a Google Mac Sites Search for gathering up all your Mac news in a very Google(y) way.

[Official Google Mac Blog]

[Google Software Downloads for the Mac]

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…Chad and Steve responded to YouTube’s acquisition?

Chad and Steve, the now uber rich cofounders of YouTube, posted a little message today on the site they used to own, announcing the purchase of YouTube by Google. I seriously hope they were drunk off Cristal when they made this, as the production values and professionalism you’d expect from the heads of a billion dollar company are seriously lacking. Come on guys, hire yourselves a film crew or something, I know you can afford it. Two kings.

…Google just bought YouTube?


Internet search (and soon everything) king Google has just announced that it purchased Internet movie (and not much else) king YouTube for a whopping $1.65 billion in an all-stock deal. The purchase is Google’s most expensive to date, easily eclipsing the $130.5 million it spent in total last year on acquisitions. YouTube will continue to run as a separate brand, and all 67 employees (who are now very, very happy employees) will continue to run the company. It’ll be interesting to see what exactly happens with YouTube as Google already had their own video service in place to begin with, but I hope good things come from this meeting of giants, and not just more free copyrighted television shows and clips from old episodes of America’s Funniest Home Videos (though I do love those clips).

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…Google is a cool place to work?

Google Deserts

Google has always seemed like a cool place to work, with its fully stocked snack bar and contemporary furniture for you to kick up your feet and crank out that next billion-dollar idea. Here’s a neat little sneak peak into their newest Manhattan office building, including the menu (Pumpkin w/ Tumeric, Coconut Gravy anyone?), the snack room, and their game room (complete with everyone’s favorite, Guitar Hero).

[Inside Google’s Manhattan Office]

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