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…It’s Website Wednesday: Blah Girls?

Blah Girls

As if there was a need for another celebrity gossip blog, Ashton Kutcher’s Blah Girls is a high dollar attempt at picking up a few extra eyeballs from those that have grown tired of TMZ and their ubiquitous coverage of anything and everything celebrity related.

The site revolves around the three Blah Girls and their take on the celebrity world, and every Monday and Thursday a new animated video arrives with the latest “news”:

Will Blah Girls be the best thing to happen to the gossip world since the cell phone camera, or is this just another attempt at buying eyes with flashy design and a well-known name?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

[Blah Girls]

…It’s Website Wednesday: Blank Is Like Blank?

Blank Is Like Blank

Blank is Like Blank is a simple site that provides the occasional analogy to live by.

With quips like:

    “Facebook is like a gossipy friend with no interesting information”,
    “Using Helvetica is like owning a Mac: It looks so cool that you never bother to stop and think if you really need to”, and
    “Starbucks is like that crazy ex-girlfriend you still get together with: You hate yourself for going back, but the familiarity makes it convenient, and until you find something better, it’s all you’ve got”,

Justin Feinstein is firmly establishing himself as the king of the one liner.

[Blank is Like Blank]

…Britney was driven crazy?

Britney Umbrella

Though I try not to write about celebrity gossip on DYH (it’s just too easy, and I don’t really care), sometimes it’s just too good to pass up. Apparently, after having a mental breakdown and shaving her own head, Britney Spears took out her remaining frustrations on Kevin Federline’s Ford Explorer, beating it with an umbrella, and was then taken to a rehab clinic by her mom, who had to pick her up from K-Fed’s driveway to end her reign of terror. Who knew her song “(You Drive Me) Crazy” would turn out to be just a warning?

[Via: Buzz Patrol]