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…Grand Opening wants to be a Wedding Chapel?

Grand Opening Wedding Chapel

Grand Opening is currently trying to reinvent their space as a wedding chapel, and is using Kickstarter to raise funds for the cause.

Since big church weddings are ‘out’ this year, Wedding Chapel hopes to be a recession-proof, ultra cool solution for loved ones, friends and family.

“Wedding Chapel” will be New York City’s most fun and affordable wedding spot, offering couples the chance to have long lasting memories without a church or city hall.

The way Kickstarter works is that projects can ask for money, and then people can donate in exchange for certain rewards. In this case, any donor of any amount will have his or her name displayed on the wall of the chapel, and pledges of $100 or more can reserve Wedding Chapel for an hour or more for their own ceremony.

Sound like something that you’d want to take part in? Then hurry on over to Wedding Chapel on Kickstarter and put your pledge in!

[Kickstarter – Wedding Chapel]

…Everything Must Go?

Everything Must Go

GrandOpening, the store featured previously on DYH, has just reopened, and is now called Everything Must Go, The Lower East Side Auction House.

    It’s spring! Empty your apartment of all that drab furniture. Better yet, move and leave all that old stuff behind. This weekend, The Lower East Side Auction House can help you get started.

It looks to be yet another very successful iteration of the GrandOpening idea, so if you’re in the New York area, then definitely stop by and check it out.

[Grand Opening – Everything Must Go]

…Grand Opening is always changing?

Grand Opening

Grand Opening will never be your favorite place to hang out. Instead of letting customers get attached to any one idea, Ben and Hall Smyth, the owners of Grand Opening, are going to shut it down every three months and rebuild it as an entirely new and unique idea. The space, a small shop in Norfolk Street, New York, is currently a Ping-Pong Parlor, and features a single, standard-sized table, recording facilities (so you can watch your performance on YouTube), rankings, and bleachers for the fans. In a few months, who knows, but I can tell you what it’s not going to be (a Ping-Pong Parlor).

[Grand Opening]

[Via: The Cool Hunter]