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…Format wants you to make a wallpaper?

Format Wallpaper Contest

Sneakerfiends, graphic designers, photographers and money grubbers should all check out Format Magazine’s Sneaker Wallpaper Contest 2 for a chance to with the upcoming Puma x Yo! MTV Raps shoes, as well as exposing your art to the world.

Wallpapers can be submitted in any media, but they must relate to sneaker culture.

Hurry though, because you only have until April 31.

[Format Magazine – Sneaker Wallpaper Contest 2]

…Speakerdog Paper Toys are awesome?

Speakerdog Paper Toys

Speakerdog Paper Toys is a site filled with free paper toys that use two sheets of A4 paper and a bit of patience to make.

The designs were created by Ben the Illustrator and “a wonderful family of graphic designers, graffiti artists and illustrators from around the world” so there should be a design or two for everyone.

(If you like these, then you should also check out Cubeecraft.)

[Speakerdog Paper Toys]

[Ben The Illustrator – Speakerdog Paper Toys]

…It’s Movie Monday: Bloody Omaha

Typically, when you’re watching a movie and an army of soldiers is storming the beach, there are thousands if not millions of dollars worth of special effects behind that scene.

However, three (highly talented) graphic designers decided to prove that it could be done with just themselves, a bit of skill, and a lot of creativity.

The results speak for themselves, so check out what three guys and a camera can do:

[Via: Boing Boing]

…It’s Website Wednesday: We Bleed Design?

We Bleed Design

Bryan Katzel is a graphic designer and illustrator, so it should come as no surprise that his own site, We Bleed Design, is a wonderful example of what’s possible with a bit of creativity and some coding mastery.

Be sure to scroll down for a lesson in the proper use of transparency.

[We Bleed Design]


…Microsoft loves apple?


Daring Fireball has documented proof of Microsoft ripping off Apple’s icon for the Workgroup Manager app and using it for their Vista Business edition sales page. Considering this and the whole 9rules fiasco, I’m starting to think that being a graphic designer just means being a really good cut and paster.

[Daring Fireball]