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…Your handbags should be xposed?


These Xposed HandBags might not get you though airport security any faster, but they will definitely get you noticed. Featuring X-ray prints that show everything you’d normally find tucked away in a bag, they also show hidden guns, brass knuckles, a bottle of Jack Daniels, and a spiked collar to give a little hint at your wilder side. Just make sure you know what to say when the FBI comes knocking.

[Xposed X-Ray HandBags]

[Via: Uber-Review]

…Dogs like bubbles?

Fetch A Bubble

Tennis balls are going out of style thanks to new scented bubble technology. Porducts like Fetch A Bubble, an automatic bubble machine that churns out chicken scented bubbles at a frantic pace, and the Bubble Buddy, a bubble gun which features flavors like peanut butter, barbecue chicken, and sizzling bacon, your pup will be entertained for hours (until he figures out that the bubbles aren’t actually floating pieces of chicken and comes back to you with those sad, puppy dog eyes). With either machines churning out thousands of bubbles per minute, it’s a set it and forget it way of keeping Fido in shape and out of your way.

[Fetch A Bubble]

[Via: The Red Ferret Journal]

…Lazer tag is a hackable sport?


Mike Yates lives for lazer tag. He isn’t just content with off the shelf gear though, because OTS doesn’t get you any respect when it’s time to play. Instead, Mike tweaks, modifies and creates his own custom weapons, in this case the Scorpion, a Mil-spec gun featuring a four rocket magazine attached to the top. The rockets are foam-tipped IR-emitting “RPG” rounds that normally fire off of hand pumped pressure. Not wanting to waste time on the battlefield pumping his gun, Mike modified his to fire using a 3000psi air tank controlled by four Mac pneumatic relay/solenoids pushing air through full stainless steel plumbing. Excessive? Yes. Necessary? Mike would say so. The gun also includes a high-powered sniper rifle capable of tagging victims at over 1,500 ft, and a trigger/grip for the rockets sourced from an actual tank. If you’d like to join in, check out Hasbro’s Lazer Tag Team Ops line, which the Scorpion is based on. Just be prepared for some heavy tinkering if you want to play with the big boys.

[Lazer Tag Team Ops]

[Via: Finkbuilt]

[Via: MAKE: Blog]

…G.R.A.D. makes a knife that will shoot you?

Gun Knife

It used to be that you either got shot or you got stabbed, but now with the G.R.A.D. .22 RS Knife Gun, you can have both. The knife holds 5 bullets in a revolver type loader, and fires with a simple pull of the handle trigger. Killer dude.

[Via: TechEBlog]