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…Christoph Rehage walked The Longest Way?

Christoph Rehage spent a year of his life walking 4646km through China, and during that time, he let his beard and hair grow wild while taking pictures of himself along the way.

The below video is a documentary of sorts of his travel, and it paints a pretty amazing picture of Christoph’s adventure:

[The Longest Way]

{Via: Kottke]

…Nintendo has rhythm?

Nintendo Drums

Give your music 8 bits of style with this custom Nintendo drum set from Phattie Drums. You might not have rhythm, but that’s what post production is for, because you don’t need rhythm with style like this (though you will need cooler hair).

[Phattie Drums – Classic Series]

[Via: Kotaku]

…The ATHF guys love their hair?

Just caused “a widespread panic, a disruption to commuters, and a million dollars of loss to the city of Boston”? Then only answer hair questions:

…Virginia’s DMV isn’t a model for security?

I’d say it’s pretty worrisome what some kids with a desire for mischief can get away with at a Virginia DMV. Will Carsola and Dave Stewart from DayByDay Productions (They’re also behind a movie called Teenagers From Uranus) one upped each other to see who could get away with the craziest costume during their driver’s license photo retakes, and sadly, they were only stopped by their lack of customizable hair and crazy ideas. Can it really be that easy to get an ID card that looks that ridiculous? I sure hope not after this video makes the rounds.


[Via: Neatorama]

…Fake eyelashes are a thing of the past?


People do crazy things in the name of beauty. A “plug and sew” technique for transplanting eyelashes is catching on as the new cosmetic surgery of choice, giving those who can afford to pay the $3000 per eye a new set of longer eyelashes that grow just like normal hair (because it is normal hair, taken from the patient’s own head). The procedure was pioneered by the hair loss industry, and soon spread from burn victims to cosmetic surgery aficionados. According to one doctor who is doing the surgeries, “Eyelash transplantation does for the eyes what breast augmentation does for the figure”. So if you’ve been looking for longer, fuller, and slightly more painful eyelashes, your day has come.

[Via: Luxist]

[Via: Reuters]