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…Audi is putting LED bulbs in their R8 headlights?

Audi R8 Headlight

When the V10 equipped Audi R8 hits the streets, it will be the first car in the world to have both high and low beam LED headlights as standard equipment. (The 2009 Cadillac Escalade Platinum will be the first vehicle in the world to offer the all-LED technology.)

You’ve probably already seen Audis driving around with LED driving lights in the grill, and LED taillights are nothing new, but this will be the first time an all-LED system is used for the headlights, and it’s supposed to use a quarter the energy of a typical halogen bulb, while providing a brighter, whiter light.

Sure, you need to put down six figures for the privilege, but at least automakers are taking steps in the right direction to utilize new technologies that are better for the environment, while being better for us in the process.

[Audi – R8]

…The Torch is a bright flashlight?

The Torch

Though Wicked Lasers usually deals with, well, lasers, The Torch flashlight is part of their product line for a reason.

The Torch Example

Featuring 4,100 lumens of light, it only gets fifteen minutes to a charge, but during those minutes, you can use it to burn paper, light cigarettes, melt plastic, fry eggs, and more.

Currently being reviewed by The Guinness Book of World Records to certify it as the world’s brightest flashlight (taking over The Polarion Helios’ spot), it features a special halogen bulb, heat resistant glass lens, and a military grade aluminum case to keep everything in check.

Shine some light on the world for $299.99.

[Wicked Lasers – The Torch]

[Via: I4U News]