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…The McNuggetini is not on the Dollar Menu?


What do you get when you combine McNuggets, Barbeque Sauce, a Chocolate Milkshake and Vanilla Vodka?

Probably the world’s worst hangover, but also the McNuggetini, a McDonald’s inspired drink that may just be the perfect capper to a Dollar Menu evening.


…Candy vodka needs gummy shot glasses?

Gummy Shot Glasses

Sure, you’ve made a gallon of Skittles Flavored Vodka, and you’ve even managed to make it taste all right, but you don’t just want to drink that creation out of a plain old shot glass now, do you?

If you’re looking to keep the quirky booze theme going, then how about edible gummy shot glasses?

Thankfully, Instructables has put together a set of instructions for creating such concoctions, and since it basically involves little more than microwaving gummy worms and then adding the goop to a silicone mold, you’ll be drinking out of a gummy glass in no time!

Just remember to count your drinks though before chowing down, because gummy/candy hangovers are the worst!

[Instructables – Gummy Shot Glasses]

[Via: Lifehacker]

…Late-night Los Angeles gorging is good?

Late-Night Gorging
(Click for the full size version)

If you’re going to visit Los Angeles, you’re going to want to party; and if you’re going to want to party, you’re going to want to eat, which is why Thrillist’s Late-Night Gorging guide should be an important part of your pre-inebriation ritual. The print at home card features 50 late-night eateries, as well as a few that will cater to you all night long while you attempt to eat off that hangover. Good luck, it’ll never work.

[Thrillist – Late-Night Gorging]

…Bars are full of myths?

Like most people, I thought Amaretto was an almond liqueur, gin and vodka were completely different liquors, and mixing alcohols will result in a hangover, but each of those facts is are among the ten bar myths that Jeffrey Morgenthaler wants to set straight. Considering his background consists of years of bar tending, I’m going to take his word for it. Plus, he admits that he doesn’t go home with a different girl each night, so you know he’s not doing it for the ego boost. Check it out if you’ve ever wondered why your bartender still measures out shots, or if you just want to know a little more about what goes on behind the bar.

[Ten Myths You’ve Probably Heard In Bars]

…Games can be disorientating?


Disorientation lets you play twelve-pack commando without that nasty hangover the next day. The goal is to use your arrow keys to get from the point “A” to point “B” without killing yourself, but while you are walking, the camera will move around, spin and stretch, all at random speeds. There are phantom images all over the place, an unusual amount of deathly sharp objects lying around, and horrible techno music blaring at you the entire time. Sounds like my last trip to the bars.


[Via: Digg]