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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Hemi Rolls-Royce?

Hemi Rolls-Royce

Anyone who can look at a classic Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and decide that it’s just not going to be enough until there are 1040 horses of Hemi V8 under the hood is ok in my book.

The 592-cubic-inch monster features a dual-stage nitrous system to reach those astronomical power numbers, and the interior is even done up in full luxury garb, with a leather wrapped roll cage and a full collection of shiny gauges.

Plus, who’s going to deny some Grey Poupon to a guy with a blower sticking out of the hood?

[Via: Carscoop]

…The Challenger is looking to challenge?

Dodge Challenger

According to Dodge, “It’s On”.

The new Challenger, which will debut in 2008, is scheduled to arrive in SRT8 trim at a comparatively cheap $37,995. (Comparatively, because the 6.1L HEMI V8 will be making an estimated 425 horsepower.)

Initially available in only three colors (black, silver, and HEMI orange) the Challenger SRT8 will also feature the concept car’s carbon fiber hood stripes for extra style points.

Though the original is going to be tough to beat, I wouldn’t mind parking one of these in my garage in between stoplight sessions:

Preorders begin on Monday.

[Dodge Challenger]

[Via: Autoblog]