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…Meters have changed?


Though we usually assume that distances are fixed (a mile is a mile is a mile) the official definition of a meter has changed numerous times through out history.

Each time, the definition of a meter became more precise, but it also changed slightly from the previous definition, allowing for less and less of the variation inherent in each measuring system.

Bonus: The only three countries not currently using the metric system: Liberia, Myanmar, and the United States.

[Good Magazine – Weights And Measures]

[Via: swissmiss]

…Facebook has been poked?

Facebook Files

As Facebook battles to turn Beacon into a legitimate service, Mark Zuckerberg is in a battle of his own against the founders of ConnectU, who claim that Zuck’ stole the idea for Facebook from them, and that he owes them at least part of the $15 Billion the company is worth (on paper).

As part of the lawsuit, many of Zuckerberg’s personal papers have become public domain, including his Harvard Application, his online diary, Facebook’s statement of cash flows for 2005, and a letter that documents the damage Mark did to a sublet in 2004.

02138 has been kind enough to post these “Facebook Files”, along with a great piece on the whole story called “Poking Facebook” that delves into the history of the lawsuit, as well as the history of Mark himself.

It all plays out like a movie, and depending on the outcome of this whole thing, I wouldn’t be surprised if a film or two were made that recreates all this, so read up now for an advanced screening.


[02138 – Poking Facebook]

[02138 – The Facebook Files]

…Your face can set a record?

Guinness World Records

Want to help set a Guinness World Record?

Sorough Real Estate recently set the record for the world’s largest banner ad, and now they want to add your face to help raise money for charity.

Up to a million people can submit a photo of their face, and for each photo submitted, Sorough Faces Campaign will donate one dollar to the UAE Red Crescent. Then, when the million is collected, it will be used for the repair and reconstruction of the homes of the underprivileged in the UAE.

Ready to be a part of history?

Then head on over and upload your picture, because an opportunity like this won’t be around forever.

[Sorouh Faces]

[Via: Trend Hunter]

[Guinness World Records]

…It’s Website Wednesday:

ManCrush is an attempt to classify every man of stature in the history of the universe.

Defined as “the highest level of attraction a man can have towards another man without having any sexual want towards that man”, it’s like a hot or not for the metrosexual crowd. Like a Digg for dudes, you simply click the up arrow for a guy you like, and the down arrow for a guy you don’t. Then, based on the total number of ‘crushes’, one man will be crowned king.

Current favorite? Major Richard Winters, followed by Vincent van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway (though Mohandas Gandhi is close on their heels, and God is always a contender).

Go ahead and give it a try; I won’t tell.


…Nintendo loves color?


As Nintendo evolved, so did its color palette. When the original NES launched in 1985, it drew from a palette of just 53 colors. Now, with the release of the Wii, games can choose between 16.7 million colors, and are capable of mimicking the colors found in the real world. COLOURlovers’ article is an interesting examination of Nintendo through the ages (and colors), and is a great read for game heads and history buffs alike.

[COLOURlovers – Following Nintendo Through The Ages (And Colors)]