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Windless Kite Flying Championship

Windless kite flying.

It sounds like an oxymoron, but don’t tell that to Spencer Watson, a competitor at the Open Individual Indoor Unlimited, which has been going on for 12 years now.

Yup; that’s right. Spencer isn’t alone in his passion for windless kite flying. There are enough people that do this as a sport/hobby that there’s actually a championship to figure out who can do it the best:

Sometimes I wonder if there’s anything that doesn’t have some sort of championship attached to it.

[Via: Kottke]

LEGO Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 LEGO

Building detailed models out of LEGOs has always been an interesting hobby (though not necessarily one that I’d take on myself) which is why work like this set of Team Fortress 2 characters is so impressive.

Each character is made with genuine LEGO pieces, and from what I can tell, doesn’t use a ton of them either, which makes it even more impressive.

Click through to view the full set in all its glory.

[LEGO Team Fortress 2]

…It’s Things Thursday: World’s Greatest Shelby Slot Car Racetrack?

World’s Greatest Shelby Slot Car Racetrack

Unfortunately, slot car racing is either too cheap, and its toy status quickly wears thin as it starts to fall apart and stops working, or it’s too expensive, and it’s not fun because you’re doing it as a hobby instead of an occasional fun activity.

However, The World’s Greatest Shelby Slot Car Racetrack looks to bridge those two extremes by creating a well-built track that you can set up at home and race for fun.

Featuring 63-3/4 feet of track, Neo Dymium ground-effect magnets and extra-long guide pins, the 1964 Daytona Coupes will whip around at breakneck speeds, but won’t launch off the track the first time you try and take a turn.

In addition, high-conductivity phosphor bronze shoes and a 22-volt power pack deliver speed and racability that you’re looking for, and that no track can match.

Get yours December 1st from Restoration Hardware.

[Restoration Hardware – The World’s Greatest Shelby Slot Car Racetrack]

[Via: Uncrate]

…Pirating music is fashionable?

I [Pirate] MusicThe I [Pirate] Music tee is a subversive way of showing off your less than legal hobby in style.

It’s available in either red or brown, and the design is sure to grab attention, which means you’ll want to wear something else to the RIAA party you got invited too.

If yarrrrr ready, then walk the plank for just $28.

[GAMA-GO – I [Pirate] Music Tee]

[Via: Boing Boing]