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…You can decide the pirate vs ninja argument?

Pirates Vs. Ninjas Remote Control Cars

Here’s a cute gift for the holiday season that will finally settle the pirates vs. ninjas debate.

These inflatable, R/C pirate and ninja wrestlers move forwards, backwards, and turn on a dime, allowing you to battle until one is knocked over and the other is declared a victor.

Prepare to defend your side’s honor.

[Think Geek – R/C Pirate Vs Ninja]

…Buy Nothing Day is replacing Black Friday?

Buy Nothing Day

For many, the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) is a day of shopping and deal hunting that starts early and usually ends frustratingly. For some, Black Friday has turned into a symbol of our excessive consumption and a day of consumerism that that goes against the true meaning of the holiday season. Buy Nothing Day was started by that second group to bring awareness to the people about their excessive spending. An informal protest against consumerism, Buy Nothing Day encourages participants to buy nothing for 24 hours during the normally busy shopping day that follows Thanksgiving. So if you feel that the holidays have lost that holiday spirit, do a little slacktivism and buy nothing on Black Friday, your wallet will thank you.

[Buy Nothing Day]

[Wikipedia – Buy Nothing Day]