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…Apples don’t get viruses?

Apple Store Virus

Here’s a cute little Easter Egg from the Apple guys that managed to retain their sense of humor: Go to the Store and type ‘Virus’ into the search box; You’ll be treated to a quick dig on Windows’ ability to get sick from time to time.

Yet another reason to love a Mac.

[Apple Store]

…FoxTrot will be Sundays only?


FoxTrot has always been my favorite comic. It was a perfect mix of humor, tech geekiness and everyday family comedy that made you relate to the Fox family like no other comic family. Unfortunately, Bill Amend, the strip’s artist, recently announced that “After spending close to half of my life writing and drawing FoxTrot cartoons, I think it’s time I got out of the house and tried some new things”. These new things mean that the comic will now be published on a new on Sundays only basis. Sadly, this isn’t a hiatus that can be fixed with a show of support ala Family Guy, so I can only hope Bill the best in his future endeavors, and thank him for the constant supply of comedy. FoxTrot, you will be missed.