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…The Ice Cream Man is coming?

Ice Cream Man

Matt Allen prefers to be called The Ice Cream Man.

His mission?

To travel the country, eventually the world, giving away FREE ice cream.

    Our growing team combines the minds, hearts, skills and resources of adventurous individuals who refuse to adhere to the old business paradigm. We fund this venture through advertising, sponsors, promotions and merchandising, building win-win-win relationships between everyone involved. To date, Ice Cream Man has given away over 125,000 treats. With the goal of giving away half a million ice creams, we’ve still got a long way to go.

On his site, you can check out upcoming Ice Cream Man events, buy Ice Cream Man merchandise that helps to support the cause, and even become a part of the Ice Cream Man community.

Free sweets for the world?


[Ice Cream Man]

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…Stephen Colbert likes ice cream?

AmeriCone Dream

After being turned down for the rename of the Northern M0 Danube Bridge, Stephen Colbert has apparently turned his sights on some cooler name branding, such as this pint of Ben & Jerry’s called “Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream”. The flavor, a mix of vanilla ice cream and fudge covered waffle cone pieces with a caramel swirl, is apparently coming soon to a Whole Foods store near you. When questioned, a Ben & Jerry’s PR rep responded that the Colbert flavor could be “a Patriotic mix of strawberry, blueberry and (American not French) vanilla flavors, striped in the pint with chocolate stars”, or “perhaps Republican Nut”, but he refused to even acknowledge the existence of such a flavor. In all truthiness, given the current fanatic following that Stephen commands, I’d be more than willing to bet that some form of the flavor will be hitting the shelves soon, PR reps recommendation or not, so keep an eye out.

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[Colbert Nation]

[Wikipedia – Stephen Colbert]

[Wikipedia – Northern M0 Danube Bridge]

…You can make your own soft serve ice cream?

Cuisinart Ice-45

If you’re a fan of soft serve ice cream, the Cuisinart Ice-45 is the perfect at home/do it yourself solution for creating those frozen desserts of deliciousness (ice cream, yogurt, and sorbet). Able to make 1.5 quarts of soft serve in as little as 20 minutes (though from the reviews you can expect it to take more like 30-40), the Ice-45 features a cone holder and three built-in condiment dispensers so you can add your mix-in or sprinkle of choice. Definitely one cool device.

[Via: Kitchen Contraptions]

…Spaghetti made of ice cream looks pretty tasty?

Spaghetti Ice Cream

If eating ice cream just isn’t enjoyable enough for you on its own, jazz it up a little bit with the Spaghetti Ice Cream Maker. Using the included attachments, you can create spaghetti, lasagna, and even asparagus looking ice cream. Plus, you can add your own strawberry sauce and grated white chocolate for that authentic spaghetti look. Finally, a tool to help children enjoy ice cream again!

[Spaghetti Ice Cream Maker]

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