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…It’s Things Thursday: PAPPA*PHONE?


Hulger’s PAPPA*PHONE brings a touch of class to the VoIP telephone.

Cut from a single solid piece of American walnut (so that the grain of the wood flows from the handset to the base), each PAPPA*PHONE is handmade by Furni, and also incorporates a piece of solid hand-polished brass into the design, as well as laser etched details.

Since it works with all VoIP services (Skype, iChat, GoogleTalk, Vonage, Yahoo, etc.) and is plug-and-play compatible with both the Mac and PC, it’s as easy to use as it is beautiful.

Maybe this VoIP thing has a chance after all…

[Hulger – PAPPA*PHONE]

…Adium had a birthday?


If you want to use that video camera built into your Mac’s shiny new front so that you can see whom it is you’re talking to when you’re typing away, stick with iChat. If you want to do some serious conversing without being bothered by the face of your friend, it’s time for a change to the duck side.

Adium Services

Adium, the free and open-source solution to chatting on the Mac, has just hit version 1.0, and with it a slew of new changes have been solidified:

  • Added global user profile and buddy icon settings
  • Added an Xtras manager for better browsing and removing of Xtras
  • Major improvements in privacy settings
  • Improvements to the default look and feel
  • iTunes integration is much faster, and updates as soon as the song changes
  • Redesigned Chat Transcript (Log) Viewer
  • Optional dock-like hiding of the contact list

And as if that wasn’t enough, Adium greets a new installer with what all Mac installs should have: a custom Finder splash screen. If you want to get serious about your chatting, get serious about Adium, and do the duck.


[Via: TUAW]