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…Missed Connections can be beautiful?

Missed Connections

Missed Connections is a beautiful site from Sophie Blackall where she takes posts from Missed Connections websites and illustrates the story they are trying to tell.

From the site:

Every day hundreds of strangers reach out to other strangers on the strength of a glance, a smile or a blue hat. Their messages have the lifespan of a butterfly. I’m trying to pin a few of them down.

[Missed Connections]

…It’s Website Wednesday: Project 365?

Cat Killer

Avid Liongoren is a man on a mission that doesn’t have an end: On his site, called Project 365, he creates daily illustrations that he then shares with the world.

The first year was sketchbook doodles, then monsters of the city, then a comic book of his life, and now, he’s drawing daily monsters that will haunt your dreams.

Check it out to follow along as he progresses through the project, and maybe it’ll inspire you to start a project of your own.

[Project 365]

[Via: Drawn!]

…The Tie shows off your love of music?

The Tie

Make casual Fridays even more casual with “The Tie” from Anton Repponen.

Sadly, it’s just a concept illustration for now, but hopefully with a little promotion from the blog world, he’ll find a company that’s interested in producing his fantastic idea.

[Anton Repponen]

[Via: Book Of Joe]

…The Spark is an original work of sport?

The Spark

For the 2009 Winter X Games, Superfad and The Martin Agency worked together to create this fantastic spot called The Spark.

It uses live-action, 3D, Illustration, and stop-motion together to show a trick evolving from its inception in the snow to its thrilling culmination on the course, and is definitely a unique :30 second spot:

[Via: Superfad]