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…You can make your own Mini storage?

Mini Flash

Instructables has a great tutorial for you DIYers out there that shows you how to create your own 1 Gig Mini Cooper Flash Drive. The whole project only requires some light modifications to the car, and the end result is a completely stock looking Mini with a secret storage supply that’s sure to impress both your techno geek and car head friends.

[Instructables – 1 Gig Flash Drive Mini Cooper]

…Photos need more pop?

3D Photo

Instructables has a great tutorial for all you Photoshop gurus out there who want to create a stunning 3D effect that will really make the subject of your photos pop out at you. Family photo time will never be the same.

[Instructables – 3D Effect]

…You can make your own wood watch?

Wood Watch

This amazing looking wood faced wrist watch might not be available in stores, but Instructables user jamesv was kind enough to post a thorough how to showing how he turned a simple Fossil Zane into a stunning custom accessory using a few common tools, a few homemade tools, and a lot of time. Next up on MTV: Pimp My Watch.


[Via: Wrist Watch Review]