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…The iGroove brings the sexy back?


The iGroove iPanty for your iPod nano might not be the most practical iAccessory ever made, but if you’re iPlaylist contains more songs in the naughty category than in the nice, it may just be the most appropriate. Made of black lace with a pink ribbon and a matching removable pocket to hold your nano, these panties are “so techie chic! Perfect for those of us who love to lounge around in sexy undies all day AND have our music!” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

[The Sexy Society – iGroove Panty]

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…YouTube is going Googley?

Ever since the creation of GooTube (YouTube being purchased by Google), there’s been quite a bit of speculation floating around about what changes are going to occur, specifically to YouTube. The following video is an interesting interpretation of what could happen if the Google hype team was turned loose, though I imagine the end result will be much more Googley (read: cleaner) than this video makes it out to be.

Reminds me a lot of the Microsoft iPod video.

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…Red Apples taste much better?

Apple Store

Today, Apple released the iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED special edition of their ubiquitous music player. It’s a new color for the iPod nano product line, but what makes this one unique is that for every player sold, Apple will give $10 of the purchase price to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa. It’s a cool concept; because the player won’t cost any more than the standard 4GB nano (though I hear the fixed pricing is part of the whole RED agreement), and you can give something back when you get something for yourself. (RED) is the pet project of Bono (and Apple does love Bono), with the idea being you now have a choice about what your purchases can do for others. This is a definite win-win situation, so if you’ve been putting off purchasing that new iPod, now may be the time.

[iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED]


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…Sizeasy lets you visualize that new gadget you are about to buy?


Sizeasy gives you an easy way to visualize any object in comparison to a number of standard, everyday objects. You simply enter the dimensions of your object, select the objects you wish to compare to, and then you can view the comparison using four different angles. The above picture is an example of the results, comparing the new 2G iPod Shuffle to a matchbook and a credit card. This is a great tool for those times when you can’t quite get a grasp on the size of that gadget you’re ogling over, and would like a few visual clues while the cash burns a hole through your pocket.


[Via: Lifehacker]