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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Formula Drift?

Formula Drift Logo

On Saturday, I had the chance to go and see Formula D’s “The Finals” at Irwindale Speedway (yes, I did get stuck on Interstate 5 on the way down from San Francisco due to that massive accident), and I must say, if you’re at all a fan of the four wheeled machine, make sure you check out one of Formula Drift’s events at a track near you.

Pontiac Solstice

If you’re not familiar with the sport, think of drifting as two automotive ballerinas battling it out in a boxing match. It’s gracefully controlled mayhem, and in my opinion, it’s easily the best form of four-wheeled entertainment on the planet.
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…It’s Things Thursday: Air Guitar Nation?

US Air Guitar

Unfortunately, the air guitar is a dying art.

Thankfully, there are musicians out doing their best to revive it, and the prognosis is positive.

First, there’s the 2007 Air Guitar World Championships, which reigning champ Ochi Dainoji Yosuke of Japan continued to dominate, repeating his success from last year with another champion level performance:

Then, there’s Air Guitar Nation, a documentary about the birth of the National Air Guitar Championships, and the unique musicians that dare to master the air, such as David “C. Diddy” Jung and Dan “Bjorn Turoque”:

Will the air guitar get you the chicks?


Will the air guitar make you famous?


Will the air guitar take your life to 11?

Hell Yeah!

[US Air Guitar Championships]

[Via: Book Of Joe]

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…Makoto Nagano is a ninja?

Makoto Nagano is a man among men. The 33 year old commercial fisherman is the only person to finish the obstacle course based Japanese TV show called Ninja Warrior since 1999. He wasn’t just competing against regular old Joes though. Contestants have included firefighters, martial artists, professional wrestlers, and even American Olympians such as Paul Terek, Morgan Hamm and Paul Hamm. Think you could do it? Just watch.

[Wikipedia – Ninja Warrior]

[Via: Neatorama]

…Bugatti Veyrons are not subtle cars?

Though if forced, I’d take a Ferrari Enzo, what I really want for Christmas is a Bugatti Veyron:

If anyone has an extra that they wouldn’t mind letting me have, I’d be eternally grateful, and I’d even wash yours for you whenever you wanted, even if it looks like this:

Pepto Veyron

Bathing Ape, apparently famous in the Japanese streetware scene, found it fit to cover their Bugatti in a not so camouflaged Pepto Pink, complete with Bathing Ape print camo. This wasn’t their first attempt at destroying what remains of the subtlety of a supercar though, as shown by their camo’ed Rolls Royce Phantom:

BAPE Phantom

Ten bucks says Paul Dalton wouldn’t touch either of these with a sponge on a ten-foot stick.

[A Bathing Ape]

[Via: Ed Spivak’s Daily Ramble]