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…Pratt & Miller make eco power?

Pratt & Miller - C6RS

Pratt & Miller created a super ‘Vette for Jay Leno, and for the right price, they’ll make one for you as well.

Pratt & Miller - C6RS - Detail

Called the C6RS, it features a full carbon fiber body (1.6” wider than a Z06), BBS center nut aluminum wheels (18×11” in the front, 19×13.6” in the rear), a fully customized interior, a fully tuned suspension, Brembo brakes, and a 600 hp, 600 ft lb, 8.2 L monster of an engine.

Plus, for the eco friendly, it runs off E85 fuel.


$185,000, plus the cost of the donor car.

I guess eco power doesn’t come cheap!

[Pratt & Miller – C6RS]

…Nick Thune was on Leno?

Nick Thune, the featured comic on tonight’s Leno, was surprisingly funny. Since I had never heard of him before, I wasn’t sure what to make of the strummed guitar and unique style, but he was definitely king of the one liner. Keep an eye out, I see big things coming Thune.

Here he is in a short called Phone Tag:

And an example of his comedic style:[Nick Thune]

[MySpace – Nick Thune]