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…Jimmy Wales wants to take down Google?

Jimmy Wales

Why is Jimmy “Jimbo” Wales smiling? Because you’d probably have to remind yourself to smile as well if you set your sights on a $150 billion search giant. Jimmy, the man behind Wikipedia, the sixth largest web site in the world, and home to more than 5.3 million entries in 100 languages edited by 280,000 volunteers, wants to create a new kind of search engine. Just as Wikipedia has changed the way we think about information, Jimmy wants his latest project, called Wikia, to change the way we think about search (and take down Google in the process). Fast Company recently profiled the man on a mission, and it’s inspirational to say the least. So can he do it? Can he turn Wikia into the new king of search? Only time will tell of course, but if anyone can do it, Jimbo can.

[Fast Company – Why Is This Man Smiling?]