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…Juggling hammers takes practice?

Juggling hammers seems hard enough, and I’m sure everyone makes a few mistakes while they’re learning, but watch what happens when you just nail it:

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…Contact Juggling is beautiful?

Contact Juggling is “a form of object manipulation that focuses primarily on the movement of objects such as balls in permanent contact with the body”. Bodyrolling, Palmspinning, and Isolationism are the three main schools of technique, and thankfully, none of schools requires clown costumes and flaming swords like normal juggling does. Think you can handle it?

[Contact Juggling]

[Wikipedia – Contact Juggling]

…Juggling + Jogging = Joggling?

Just Your Average Joggler

Joggling, another sport introduced to me by the blogosphere, is a combination of juggling while jogging (hence the name). Apparently, jogglers say “the rhythm of juggling with three objects corresponds perfectly with the action and pace of running”. Corresponding or not, it’s got to be funny watching someone try to run and learn to juggle at the same time, and I’m sure it’s worth a few giggles. (Random thought: From now on, DYH has trademarked the word Gigging, a combination of giggling while jogging.) Just Your Average Joggler is “a blog about running marathons while juggling or joggling” and features “training tips and running/joggling advice” for any would be jogglers, so put on your joggling shoes and get out there, the would is in need of a few more jogglers.

[Just Your Average Joggler]

[Wikipedia – Joggling]

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