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…Fear of elevators is yet to be named?

Elevator Floor

Here’s an elevator illusion reminiscent of Julian Beever‘s work. The sign warns users of the elevator that there is work in progress, and the floor has been painted to look like there is no floor all together. The effect makes for a great photo opportunity, though this elevator probably isn’t used too often by acrophobics.

Edit: Yes, I looked it up and there isn’t a phobia name for fear of elevators. It either falls under acrophobia (fear of heights) or claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces). Sadly, for those of you who are afraid of elevators, you suffer alone in the unnamed phobia world (I suggest elevatophobia, so if any scientists want to give me some credit, just shoot me an email, I’ll gladly respond).

[Elevator Floor Illusion]

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…Julian Beever’s chalk art defies dimensions?

Julian Beever Batman

Julian Beever Waterfall

Julian Beever doesn’t just do chalk pavement drawings; he does multidimensional masterpieces that defy logic and perspective. When viewed from the right location, they seem to come right off of or go into the ground they are created on. Check out his site for a glimpse into the work of a master.

[Julian Beever]

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