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…YsabellaBrave is the new Lonelygirl15?


Since the loss of Lonelygirl15 as a credible source of YouTube fascination, YouTubers have been searching for the next best thing, and it looks like YsabellaBrave may be it. The “twenty-something woman with a full mouth, dark eyes, and in thumbnails from her videos, ever-chaning hair” has 10,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and her videos have been viewed millions of times since her introduction 11 months ago.

MaryAnne, as she is probably called in the real world, usually posts one video per week with her karaoke-ing the blues, rock, and even a little Broadway. She’s even Digg famous. But is she the real deal? Blogger News Network aimed to find out, and came to the conclusion that “sometimes there is a lot to be said for believing”. Welcome to MaryAnne’s world.


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