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…Keg math is hard?


Throwing a party? You could buy a keg and hope for the best, but why not just let The Kegulator do the hard work for you. By plugging in how many people will be drinking and how drunk you think they plan on getting, The Kegulator will figuring out just how much beer you’ll need to buy as well as how much ice and how many cups you’ll need to dispense that beer. It’s like having a web based college roommate.

[The Kegulator]

[Via: TechCrunch]

…Anything can be kegged and tapped?


It used to be that only beer could enjoy the pressurized keging and taping required to become the party libation of choice at any social gathering. Now, with the UberTap Ultimate Cocktail Bottle, any drink you desire can be taped and served to guests in mass amounts. Featuring a unique design that allows you to pressurize via a foot pump and dispense via the 3 included hoses, it’s the modern version of the punch bowl, spiking included.

[Uber Dispensing Company]

[Via: Uncrate]