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…Ryding big is the new thing to do with your whip?

Raised Galaxie

What do you do when 20s come as a factory option on any new truck and the soccer mom down the street just put dubs on her new minivan? You raise up your car and stuff 28-inch rims under the fender so you can remain King of the Street, that’s what. Using suspension technology originally designed for trucks, the creators of these automotive monsters are doing what it takes to fit larger and larger wheels under their cars, ending up with what looks like an airplane riding down the street on wagon wheels. King of the Street, a site dedicated to this new phenomenon, describes itself as “The first and only publication catering to this fast growing Lifestyle: ‘RYDING BIG’.” Though this definitely isn’t a style everyone can agree upon, it’s growing in popularity, so be on the lookout for a raised up “big ride” cruising a boulevard near you.

[King of the Street]

[Via: Autoblog]