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…Diggers duplicate comments?

Digg Comments Top 10

Digg is supposed to be a social bookmarking site where users can share their feelings about each site and let others know about their experiences. Kris Brower wanted to know, out of the 1,255,627 comments made in last year’s 30,000 most popular stories, what were the top 100 most popular comments made by Digg users? Due to Digg killing many of the sites it highlights, made the top spot, followed not so closely by … and lol. Using the data, Kris also put together a Digg Cliché Comment Generator for those times when you just can’t quite figure ot what one liner you want to use. One interesting thing to note is that out of the top 100 comments, 83 were single words. Apparently the Digg user community likes its answers short and sweet. lol

[Top 100 Duplicate Digg Comments From 2006]

[Via: Digg]