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Snowmobiles + Lakes = Watercross


What do you get when you gather up a bunch of folks who are determined not to let a lack of snow keep them from their snowmobile?

A (surprisingly not so new) sport called watercross, which the Wall Street Journal recently discovered:

With enough speed, the snowmobiles skip across the water like a rock skipping across the surface of a lake. And thus, watercross was born.

[Wall Street Journal – Watercross]

…Winchboarding looks like madness?

Winch Madness

Want to wakeskating but don’t have a lake… or a boat?

Don’t worry; if you can find yourself a few feet of water and a winch, you can go winchboarding.

Don’t believe me? Check out the tricks that the Winch Madness crew are able to pull off in what amounts to a bathtub full of water:

[Via: Like Cool]

…It’s Things Thursday: Waboba Ball?

Waboba BallThe Waboba Ball is a cool new invention that actually bounces on water.

Made of polyurethane with a lycra coating, the mix of different polyurethanes allows the ball to bounce along the surface of the water until it runs out of energy, at which point it just floats, waiting for you to pick it up and throw it again.

The Waboba Ball was perfected by the Swedish inventor Jan von Heland, and grew in popularity on the beaches of Australia.

According to Jan: “I first got the idea when I was throwing a frisbee upside down on the water trying to get it to bounce, I thought it would be good to get something that used the water to bounce off and began to experiment.”

[Waboba Ball]