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…There are five signs of Twitter addiction?

Twitter Logo

Everyone seems to be jumping on the Twitter bandwagon lately (including Shaq, Ashton Kutcher, Lance Armstrong and Britney Spears) and it’s definitely a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, but can you ever love Twitter too much?

Here are five signs that you might be a little too addicted to Twitter:

  • You’ve created a Twitter account for your dog, like Ridley and Vivj.
  • You’ve created a Twitter account so that you can impersonate a fictitious TV personality, like Borat and Roger_Sterling.
  • You’ve created a Twitter account so that you can remember to water your plants.
  • You refuse to buy from companies that don’t have a Twitter account, because Zappos, Starbucks and Comcast just ‘get’ you.
  • The first thing you do after reading this post is tweet a link to it.
  • (Bonus points if you arrived here from a link in a tweet.)

Have any other suggestions for signs you might be addicted to Twitter? Post them in the comments below and help others on their path to recovery.

…It’s Website Wednesday: Shred Or Die?

Shred Or Die

What Will Ferrell did for Funny Or Die, Tony Hawk is hoping to do for Shred Or Die.

As an action sports video site, SOD hopes to mix action sports and celebrity culture, including interviews with Lance Armstrong, Shaun White, Christian Slater, and Ryan Sheckler.

Users watch the user generate clips, and then vote that they should either “Shred” or “Die”, similar to Digg and Burry.

Are you ready?

[Shred Or Die]

…LIVESTRONG bands can be had with a little more style?

Gold Livestrong

If yellow rubber isn’t your fashion statement of choice, but you would still like to show your support for those who have been affected by cancer, the Limited Edition LIVESTRONG Band by Kendra Scott Design might be just the bracelet you’ve been looking for. Created in memory of 10/2/96, the day Lance Armstrong became a cancer survivor; the bands are made of either 18-karat white or yellow gold and feature a yellow diamond set in the “O”. The men’s version is a cuff, while the women’s is a clasping bangle, and each is available in a variety of sizes. Of course each is engraved with “Unity is Strength” on the inside, the slogan for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Only 10,296 of the bracelets will be produced, and a large portion of the $10,296 retail price will go directly into the Lance Armstrong Foundation. A great way to support a great cause, this is definitely a gift that keeps on giving.

[Limited Edition LIVESTRONG Band]

[Via: Luxist]