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…The 370Z knows how to show swimsuit models a good time?

Nissan 370Z

Nissan and Sports Illustrated (especially the Swimsuit Edition) are no strangers to marketing to men, so when they needed to find a way to show off the new 370Z, it seems only fitting that they decided to take a bunch of swimsuit models, stick them in the passenger seats of cars with professional drifters behind the wheel, and let let the teams loose on the streets of Las Vegas.

[Via: Wrecked Magazine]

…Rhys Millen and Robbie Maddison did the impossible on New Year’s Eve?

Rhys Millen Backflip

If you missed last night’s Red Bull: New Year. No Limits. event in Las Vegas, then worry not, because Red Bull has kindly uploaded footage from the event to YouTube in HD.

(Side Note: It’s good to see a company finally understand that people want instant access to television content online and in HD so that you don’t have to sift through a bunch of low quality screen grabs that people took of their own TV!)

First, there was Rhys Millen’s truck backflip attempt:

And then Robbie Maddison jumped onto, and then back off of the Arc de Triomphe at the Paris hotel:

Great stuff, and I’m glad to see they both made it out of there (relatively) unscathed!

…Rhys Millen will try to backflip again on New Years Eve?

Red Bull New Year No Limits

Remember last year when Rhys Millen managed to miss the landing pit during his truck backflip practice and break three vertebrae in his neck and compress and break two vertebrae in his back?

Well apparently his doctors have given him the go and he’s going to give it another try this New Year’s Eve during the second annual Red Bull New Year No Limits event, and he’s even posted a video of the crash to wet everyone’s appetite:

According to Rhys:

Last year we attempted what was before then thought impossible. Laws of physics and vehicle dynamics were pushed to the limits with success, but failure came in one small mis-calculation. My body can be broken but my mind cannot. This year, people will witness the first ramp to ramp back flip in an off-road truck – ever.

In addition to Rhys’ record setting attempt, Robbie Maddison will also be breaking a record during the event as he attempts to jump over 100 feet into the air and land atop the replical Arc de Triomphe in front of Paris Las Vegas. He’ll then drop off the Arc and freefall for more than 50 feet to land on a massive landing ramp below.

I know I’ll be tuning in; will you?

[Red Bull – New Year No Limits]

…Lamborghinis ship inside of giant boxes?

Lamborghini Reventon In A Box

When I tried to imagine how you would ship a million dollar Lamborghini, I guess I never figured that it would come wrapped in plastic inside of a giant box.

That’s exactly how they shipped Lamborghini Reventon number one of twenty though, and Lamborghini of Las Vegas was kind enough to document the entire delivery process so that you can see what a million dollar car looks like when they drop it off at your doorstep. (And this is the only one to ever hit a doorstep as well, since the other 19 were bought and paid for before ever hitting a showroom floor.)

[Autoblog – Lamborghini Reventon #01/20 Arrives At Vegas Dealership]

…You don’t need to lose a lot in Vegas?

Las Vegas

Unfortunately, the only thing that usually manages to say in Vegas is your money, so if you’re trying to lose less on your next Vegas vacation, then check out Dumb Little Men’s guide on How to Lose Less on Your Vegas Vacation.

With tips like slowing down, cashing in, and doing more, it’s a great guide to Sin City, and regardless of where your money ends up, you’ll probably have a better experience overall if you can just manage to follow a few of the pointers.

[Dumb Little Men – How To Lose Less On Your Vegas Vacation]

[Photo Via: mandj98]