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…Late-night Los Angeles gorging is good?

Late-Night Gorging
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If you’re going to visit Los Angeles, you’re going to want to party; and if you’re going to want to party, you’re going to want to eat, which is why Thrillist’s Late-Night Gorging guide should be an important part of your pre-inebriation ritual. The print at home card features 50 late-night eateries, as well as a few that will cater to you all night long while you attempt to eat off that hangover. Good luck, it’ll never work.

[Thrillist – Late-Night Gorging]

…I said Wednesday?

Though it seems like Adult Swim is usually catering to the stoned half of late night television society, they occasionally come out with a good one, such as this spot called Thursday Assface, part of Robot Chicken’s Massage Chair. I could have sworn you said Thursday.

[Via: Kotaku]