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…The Laundry Rug will kill your dirty clothes?

Laundry Rug

If you find your laundry constantly gets thrown on the floor, only to die a slow and painful death while it festers away, waiting for you to throw in a sack and take it to the washing machine, make things a little easier on yourself with the Laundry Rug. Looking like a laundry crime scene, the rug features outlines of common apparel, and a built-in drawstring, so when you’re finally ready to do the laundry, you simply synch the rug up around your clothes and away you go. It even comes packaged in a laundry machine for gift giving to that friend who always smells kinda funny. Form and function in one neat little package, I like it.

[Laundry Rug]

[Via: Uncrate]