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…Dominos doesn’t know left from right?

Dominos Pizza

When ordering online, Dominos makes you select a side for your toppings to go on.

Instead of just “half”, they actually make you choose “left” or “right”, which made one inquisitive blogger want to know: Will they deliver what they request?

Apparently not, as the delivered pizza was exactly opposite of what had been ordered.

Just goes to show you that you can’t count on quality anymore…

[Via: The Sneeze]

…Apple is Democratic?

iPhoneAh conspiracy theories. There’s just something so wonderfully captivating about their possible truthiness. The latest comes on the heels of Apple’s big event, and claims that Steve Jobs’ well-known leftist slant may have found its way into the wonderphone’s promotional material.

As you can see from the picture, the chosen web page for the iPhone’s internet demo is a decidedly democratic snapshot of the New York Times, taken during last year’s elections. Lucky coincidence, or overt subliminal messaging? You decide.

[Apple – iPhone – Breakthrough Internet Device]

[Via: CrunchGear]