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…Photos can be fun without edits?

Tell A Lie

Considering last week’s Iranian missile story, I though that Henry Hadlow’s Tell A Lie project was rather fitting:

    The most controversial lies told with photography today are those told by news photographers who manipulate their work photographs to tell a different story, for example, Liu Weiqiang‘s faked photograph of antelope and the China-Tibet rail link.

He also ads that he wanted to “flip this lie on its head and use a camera to mimic common Photoshop effects”.

Along those same lines, I thought that Fubiz’s Google Images idea was another fantastic way to take a photo with a digital spin that gives it a simple yet fun effect:

Google Images

[Henry Hadlow – Tell A Lie]

[Fubiz – Google Images]

…Gas pumps are guessing?

Gas Pump

When a gas pump is measuring your gas down to the thousandth of a gallon, are you really getting an accurate assessment of how much is going in?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: No.

As it turns out, gas pumps have an accepted inaccuracy of half a cubic inch, plus half a cubic inch per gallon. That means that if you’re getting 10 gallons of gas, then your gas pump can over- or under-dispense up to five and a half cubic inches of gas and still be compliant.

Five and a half cubic inches of gas is about .024 gallons, or twenty times the accuracy that your pump is claiming, so it’s basically all a lie.

[An Entirely Other Day – Are Gas Pumps Really Accurate To A Thousandth Of A Gallon?]

[Photo Via: _nickd]