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…You should do something for Blog Action Day?

Blog Action DayToday is Blog Action Day, which means that fifteen thousand blogs with a combined total of twelve million readers are going to be publishing posts about the environment.

Since I’m always down to support a good cause, I’m going to participate by giving you DYH’s Simple Rule To Live By: Do Something.

Being green doesn’t have to be a life changing decision. You don’t need to sell your car and buy a Prius; you don’t need to sell your Prius and buy a bike; and you certainly don’t need to recycle your bike and start walking everywhere; you just need to do something.

That’s because I believe that if everyone did something, then everything would change.


Because even small changes can make a difference.

Change a few light bulbs. Take a shorter shower. Recycle more. Drive less.

There are a million different things that you can do, so you just need to start doing them.

The key is to start small.

Soon, that single bulb will turn into a home full of CFLs, that shorter shower will turn into thousands of gallons of saved water, and that parked car will turn into a healthier you.

So just remember: Don’t try to change the world by yourself; just do something, and the world will follow.

[Blog Action Day]

…Today is Earth Day?

Earth Day Flag

Earth Day is today, which means that it’s time to remember that we’re living on a giant spinning orb that we need to take care of. From its somewhat humble beginnings in 1970, Earth Day is now observed by millions of people in 175 countries, and is the largest secular modern-day holiday in the world. The inspiration for ED is that even small changes can make a big difference, so you’re encouraged to take on projects like planting a tree, changing your light bulbs, or focusing on recycling.

If recycling is your project of choice, then check out the Ecopod, a “simple, aesthetically pleasing, and rewarding way to process recyclables”. The home recycling center features removable storage containers for glass bottles, paper, plastic bags, and aluminum cans, along with a child safe “ecostep system” that crushes your cans and bottles down to an easily manageable size. Plus, BMW Designworks designed the pod, so you know it’s going to look good wherever you decide to store it. Being Captain Planet has never been easier.

[Earthday Network]

[Wikipedia – Earth Day]


…It takes 20 blondes to screw in a Lamp/Lamp?

Lamp/Lamp Fixture

Lamp/Lamp Bulb

Here’s a light bulb that’s sure to make your exposed bulb fixture look a little more artsy, and be a little less easier to understand. Called the Lamp/Lamp, it’s designed with two socket plugs so that it’ll look like you’ve somehow managed to stick the bulb to the outside of the fixture, but it’ll still work like a regular light. Magic? Sure, why not? The Lamp/Lamp is sure to amaze your friends with your electrical prowess.


[Via: Gizmodo]