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…The BMW M3’s V8 is a blast?

How do you advertise for the first ever production V8 in a BMW M3?

Hire IdeaCity to cut manifolds, shave cylinders, drill lighting holes, and whatever else it takes to fit cameras, lenses and lights inside of the engine so that you can film the inside of the beast as it does its thing.

This spot took two weeks to study and prepare for, and four, 20-hour days to film, but in the end, 420 horsepower has never looked so good. (This single revolution was filmed at 10,000 frames per second without any computer-generated effects.)

[Via: Autoblog]

…You can take better portraits?

Eric Hamilton Portrait

Ever wonder how good photographers take great portraits?

There has to be a trick, right?

Well, according to Eric Hamilton, there’s actually a few tricks, and thankfully, he’s nice enough to let you in on some of them in his guide to The Art of Portrait Photography.

Rule number one is proper use of light, though he also mentions subject, focus, background, composition, texture, color, and exposure, with examples of each.

Ready to take your photos up a notch?

Then read on and find out what you need to do.

[Eric Hamilton – The Art of Portrait Photography]

…Bikes need lights?

LED Bicycle Brakes

Here’s a cool idea (though I can’t seem to find the actual product anywhere, so these may just be a concept): Bicycle brake pads with built in LED brake lights. When you use your brakes, the lights come on automatically and let everyone around you know of your impending stoppage. Smart.

[Via: Coolest Gadgets]

…Your table lamp looks a little too phallic?

Mr P Lamp

Mr P Lamp Animated

This lamp would be the perfect addition to any guest bedroom, sitting there just waiting for your unsuspecting guest to try and figure out how to turn on the lights. From the website: “Poor old Mr P. Just as he was getting over the embarrassment of being immortalized in key ring form, he turns up in the shape of a rather cheeky table lamp. And yes, the rubberized on/off switch is exactly where you think it is! No wonder his whole head lights up when you, ahem, turn him on”. Definitely a conversation piece, the Mr P Lamp is sure to brighten your day every time you use him.

[Mr P Lamp]

[Via: Uber-Review]