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…Gizmodo may get impeached following iPhoneyGate?

Gizmodo stirred the blogosphere into a tizzy recently with iPhoneyGate, a false report of Appleā€™s iPhone being introduced well before anyone expected it to be. It turned out Gizmodo was fed some misleading information, as the iPhone was released when they said it would be, but as a Linksys VOIP phone (apparently Linksys owned the trademark on the iPhone name all along, and no one knew). Tempers flared, and Brian Lam, the man behind this whole fiasco, explained his side of the story today for all to dissect and complain about in future blog posts. I remain ambivalent about the whole situation, considering it a giant case of mass miscommunication, but apparently, others feel a little more betrayed than I do. Who knew the truth could be so confusing?

[Gizmodo – iPhoneyGate]