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…LisaNova is moving to MadTV

LisaNova is the newest member of the used to be YouTube famous but is now RealWorld famous, thanks to her new deal with MadTV. If you haven’t seen her stuff, she does some great lampooning work, and should slide easily into the MadTV world. Congratulations Lisa Nova, you prove that there are ways to become famous besides getting torn apart by Simon Cowell.

Teenie Weenie Raw Flesh

LisaNova Does P. Diddy

LisaNova Does Lonelygirl15

And finally, just because it’s appropriate for today: Valentine’s Day Don’ts

[YouTube – LisaNova]

…YsabellaBrave is the new Lonelygirl15?


Since the loss of Lonelygirl15 as a credible source of YouTube fascination, YouTubers have been searching for the next best thing, and it looks like YsabellaBrave may be it. The “twenty-something woman with a full mouth, dark eyes, and in thumbnails from her videos, ever-chaning hair” has 10,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and her videos have been viewed millions of times since her introduction 11 months ago.

MaryAnne, as she is probably called in the real world, usually posts one video per week with her karaoke-ing the blues, rock, and even a little Broadway. She’s even Digg famous. But is she the real deal? Blogger News Network aimed to find out, and came to the conclusion that “sometimes there is a lot to be said for believing”. Welcome to MaryAnne’s world.


[YouTube – YsabellaBrave]

[Blogger News Network]

…Carmen Electra is Lonelygirl15 in EpicMovie?


If you thought Lonelygirl15 got people all hot and bothered, just wait until you see Carmen Electra’s version. The girl famous for Striperobics takes on the girl famous for being YouTube’s innocent little virgin, and I must say she does a pretty faithful interpretation. Don’t expect much from the movie, and you just might be pleasantly surprised by a slathering of funny jokes and one liners, though most likely not a huge heap of Oscar winning performances. I do hope she wins Daniel back though.

[MySpace – EpicMovie]

[Via: Kineda]