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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: G-Power Hurricane CS?

G-Power Hurricane CS

The G-Power Hurricane CS tops out at 228 MPH, and (not surprisingly) holds the title of the world’s fastest BMW coupe. (And just so you’re clear, the world’s fastest BMW sedan is also from G-Power, as their M5-based Hurricane RS goes 228 MPH as well.)

The Hurricane CS is based on BMW’s already sexy six series from their M division, and adds two superchargers to BMW’s M-level V10 engine to bring the horsepower up to 750, and torque numbers up to 590 lb-ft.

G-Power Hurricane CS Detail

From there, a widebody kit gives you extra width, adjustable suspension keeps you on the road, and carbon-ceramic brakes keep you from smashing into a wall.

At $478,000, it’s definitely not a cheap way to get from A to B, but it just might be one of the fastest.


…The G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane RS is fast?

G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane RS

What has four doors, two superchargers, a V10, and goes 228.4 mph?

If you answered G-Power’s BMW M5 Hurricane RS, then you’d be correct! (And you’d probably work for G-Power as well.)

The company set its sights on the Brabus CLS ‘Rocket’, which was the previous record holder for four-door cars with a top speed of 227.23 mph, and says that they can get even more power from the car by increasing the boost from the twin chargers.

It’s not like the car will ever see anything even close to that on public roads, since the company had to take the car to a test track to reach the monster numbers, but I guess it’s good to know that when needed, you could outrun most planes in style and luxury!


[Via: Autoblog]

…It’s Tuner Tuesday: BMW M5 Ute?

BMW M5 Ute

I’m going to have to agree with Stuart Appleby on this one: To say that his project is “a bit out of left field” is one hell of an understatement.

His goal: To turn a BMW E39 M5 into a “ute” by chopping off the back end and custom fabing the rest to make it work.

He’s definitely going for creativity points with this one!

Thankfully, he’s sharing both his decision making process, and his progress online, so you can follow along as one of BMW’s best cars gets turned into one of BMW’s only trucks.

It might not be for everyone, but for Stuart, it’s a dream come true.

[Stuart Appleby – BMW M5 Ute]

…BMW makes beautiful engines?

BMW Engine

I simply love this picture of every single thing that goes into the making of a BMW M5’s V10 engine. If I can find a bigger version, I think I’ll print it out, frame it, and hang it up as a tribute to technology.

[Via: Autoblog]

…Hartge makes one bad bimmer?


Hartge, a BMW tuning company, did what any power junkie does when enough isn’t enough: put a bigger engine in it. In this case, the bigger engine was a V10 sourced from an M5, and the it was an E92 3 Series Coupe. The end result was 550 hp and a 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds with a top speed of 200 mph. To have one of your own is going to cost you over $200,000, but you’re guaranteed to have the baddest bimmer on the block. Plus, it makes for a great smoke show.


[Via: World Car Fans]

[Via: Autoblog]