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…Endurance running is crazy?

Elite Feet

Think the marathon that you ran was impressive?

Then check out Elite Feet’s list of The Seven Ultimate Achievements In Endurance Running. Featuring achievements that are tough to even comprehend (how about running a marathon in 3:43…backwards) it’s inspiration that’ll help you get going when you think the going’s getting tough, because for these seven runners, the going hasn’t even started.

[Elite Feet – The Seven Ultimate Achievements In Endurance Running]

…It’s Things Thursday: DYH iMix 05.07?

iMix 05.07

The second DYH iMix is here, and this one is for the runners. I’m training for the San Francisco marathon this July, so I need something to listen to while the miles pass by. This is a collection of ten songs that will make you want to get out and get going:

  1. Mase – Breathe, Stretch, Shake – The perfect warm up song.
  2. T.I. – Motivation – For when you need some…motivation.
  3. Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get Retarted – Don’t worry about how you look, just start runnin’ runnin’.
  4. Maroon 5 – Harder To Breathe – Now it’s starting to hurt.
  5. Lenny Kravitz – Where Are We Runnin’? – And how far are we going to go?
  6. Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills – Now you’ve got a destination.
  7. Visioneers – Runnin’ – Just keep going.
  8. DMX – One More Road To Cross – You’re almost there.
  9. Eminem – Lose Yourself – For when you need that last little kick.
  10. Unk – Walk It Out – A great way to cool down.

Now get going!

[iTunes Store – DYH iMix 05.07]

…The Sahara is a runner’s paradise?

Running The Sahara Map

To say that Charlie Engle, Ray Zahab and Devin Lin are just runners would be like saying that Michael Jordan was just a basketball player. The three recently completed a 111-day run across the Sahara Desert from Senegal to Egypt, a 4,000-mile distance that required them to do an average of 2 marathons per day. Keep in mind, I did say the Sahara Desert, as in, the world’s largest desert, as in, really, really dry, and definitely not a place you’d want to go running for fun. Charlie, Ray and Devin aren’t just doing it for fun though; their goal is to raise money for H2O Africa, a clean water initiative with the goal of bringing fresh water to the people of Africa. There is also going to be a movie made about the experience called “Running The Sahara”, and I’m sure there are going to be quite a few stories to tell, so be on the look out for the release date. Now would probably be a good time to buy stock in a blister medicine company.

[National Geographic – Running The Sahara]

[Via: Josh Spear]

…Juggling + Jogging = Joggling?

Just Your Average Joggler

Joggling, another sport introduced to me by the blogosphere, is a combination of juggling while jogging (hence the name). Apparently, jogglers say “the rhythm of juggling with three objects corresponds perfectly with the action and pace of running”. Corresponding or not, it’s got to be funny watching someone try to run and learn to juggle at the same time, and I’m sure it’s worth a few giggles. (Random thought: From now on, DYH has trademarked the word Gigging, a combination of giggling while jogging.) Just Your Average Joggler is “a blog about running marathons while juggling or joggling” and features “training tips and running/joggling advice” for any would be jogglers, so put on your joggling shoes and get out there, the would is in need of a few more jogglers.

[Just Your Average Joggler]

[Wikipedia – Joggling]

[Via: Neatorama]