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…It’s Website Wednesday: Zooppa?


Zooppa is an interesting new online advertising firm that puts content creation in the hands of the users. Each month, a new brand is given, and then anyone can create an advertisement for that brand. After all of the videos have been collected, users vote on the best one, and the winners are given cold, hard Zoop dollars (which are apparently equivalent to cold, hard cash, only you have to convert them). Though it’s still in super beta mode right now (v 0.3), the idea is interesting, and should definitely be something to keep an eye out for. Zoop away.


[Via: Red Ferret]

…You just need on club card?

Club Card

The club card is a great idea, allowing you to trade marketing data for deals at many stores. The only problem with them is that you have to carry around a few more cards in addition to any credit and bank cards you already carry. The solution is simple: Just One Club Card. This site lets you type in the barcode number form you various cards, and then print out a single card with up to eight club card barcodes on it. The next time you go to use a club card, just find the right barcode, scan it, and you’re on your way. Brilliant!

[Just One Club Card]

[Via: MAKE: Blog]

…StreetskinZ make your bike tires reflective?


StreetskinZ are designed to allow you and your bike “to achieve a certain amount of sweetness” and make you feel “freaking pumped”. Out of touch marketing slang aside, they look much better than a standard black tire, and with their reflective compound, make you way safer at night. Plus, they’ve got cool names like Scorch and Nightwing so you can be safe in style.


[Via: The Cool Hunter]

…Smirnoff is having a Tea Partay?

So apparently I didn’t get an invite, because I’m not among the 1.7 million people who have already seen this video for the Tea Partay. Made by Smirnoff to virally advertise their new Raw Tea drinks, it’s a pretty entertaining rap by a bunch of white boys from the MV (Martha’s Vineyard) called Prep-Unit (P-Unit). Kinda reminds me of the uber popular Lazy Sunday, just without the crazy delicious cupcakes…in cursive.

[Smirnoff – Tea Partay]

[Via: Pronet Advertising]