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…It’s Movie Monday: Mona Greasa?

Mona Greasa

Phil Hansen (the same guy that made Bruce Lee by dipping his arms in paint and then hitting the canvas like a martial artist) has created a fantastic piece of adver-art for Arby’s new Roastburger by painting the Mona Lisa using just the grease from 14 regular fast food burgers.

He calls it the ‘Mona Greasa’, and it’ll definitely make you question the things that go into a regular fast food burger:

[Arby’s – Burger Grease Art]

[Via: Serious Eats]

…Makoto Nagano is a ninja?

Makoto Nagano is a man among men. The 33 year old commercial fisherman is the only person to finish the obstacle course based Japanese TV show called Ninja Warrior since 1999. He wasn’t just competing against regular old Joes though. Contestants have included firefighters, martial artists, professional wrestlers, and even American Olympians such as Paul Terek, Morgan Hamm and Paul Hamm. Think you could do it? Just watch.

[Wikipedia – Ninja Warrior]

[Via: Neatorama]