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…Maxim is hot for 100?

Maxim Hot 100

Maxim’s Hot 100 is always a crowd pleaser, and this year is no different.

With a list of previous winners that includes names like Jessica Biel, Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan and Marisa Miller, they usually do a pretty good job of picking out some hotties, though I must say that their choice for the #1 hottie this year was a bit surprising. (She occasionally goes by the name McDreamy.)

Check out the full list to see if your favs made the cut, and be sure to dive into their galleries for more pics of each pick.

[Maxim – 2009 Hot 100]

…Maxim loves the hometown hottie?

Maxim Hometown Hotties

Maxim (and Icehouse) would like to once again remind you that unless you lucked out when it came to picking neighbors, yours probably doesn’t look anything like the finalists in their Hometown Hotties contest.

This ‘Girl Next Door’ extravaganza features 10 of the top neighborhood cuties, including their photos, videos, and MySpace links, and allows you to vote for your favorite.

At least there’s one good reason to live in Bakersfield, CA.

[Maxim – 2007 Hometown Hotties]

…Tila Tequila can’t sing?

Tila Tequila Magazine

Tila Nguyen, better known at Tila Tequila, might be the girl with the most popular MySpace page, and she might be the girl who turned that MySpace fame into Maxim and Stuff covers, and she might be the most Internet famous of all potential porn stars, but as her debut in the music world shows, her fame might be due less to her singing talent than it is due to her other “assets”.

[MySpace – Tila Tequila]

[Tila’s Hot Spot]

[Wikipedia – Tila Tequila]

[Via: Kineda]