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…It’s TGI Friday: Music Catch?

Music Catch

Music Catch is an interesting game that takes the music visualization concept and lets you play with the results.

Different colored shapes are worth different amounts of points, and the goal is to catch as many yellow shapes as possible without touching the red shapes as they appear in time with the music (the purple shapes count as bonuses if you can catch those as well).

It’s definitely not a complicated game, but the music makes it almost like a meditation, so it’s a nice time waster if you’re looking for a few minutes of break. (Plus it kind of makes you feel like you’re getting to play around in the Bellagio lake!)
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…flOw is fabolous?


flOw is as much soothing meditation as it is game, but it’s definitely unique. Move your mouse around to control your creature, and eat other creatures to evolve. It’s non-violent video gaming at its finest, though you’ll miss a good shotgun session after a few minutes.