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…It’s Movie Monday: Mega Man 9 – Rockin In Paper?

Rockman 9

This stop motion video of Mega Man 9, called Rockin In Paper, features a few details that didn’t make it into the final version of the game, such as the ability to control the game with a mustard bottle, and the Oreo Man boss battle, but it’s still a great piece of video game inspired cinema:

[Via: Snow’s Blog]

…NES looks great when painted?


eBay seller hellokitty11111111111(11 11s) sells beautiful, custom, hand painted NES consoles themed after famous NES games including Metroid, Super Mario, Mega Man, Bubble Bobble, and Zelda. Though not cheap, these one-of-a-kinds are sure to earn you that old school street cred you’ve been looking for.


[Via: Kotaku]