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…It’s Things Thursday: Meninos Lamp Shades?

Meninos Lamp Shade

Give your pad some geeked-out style with square Lamp Shades from Meninos.

Options include an F1/F2 shade, a metro map shade, optical illusion shades, a pig shade, an RSS shade, and even a CMYK shade.

Plus, they’re simple and chic so you don’t need to worry about where you put them or how to show them off. Just hang them from the ceiling and be done with it.

[Meninos – Lamp Shades]

…It’s Things Thursday: Meninos External Hard Drives?

Meninos External Hard Drive

The External Hard Drives from Meninos are fantastically original, and would look great next to your laptop or desktop.

Featuring an acrylic case with an adhesive vinyl coating, the hard drives are available in a variety of creative styles, including DuHDcell Batteries, Viagra, Wonka Bars, Finder Icons, HD-40, McHDCain and Backup Obama, HD Wars, Pulp and Fiction, HDeinz, and MarHDoro.

Meninos Hard Drive

Plus, if you can’t find one that you like, they’ll even customize a design for you if you’ve got something in mind.

Specs include SATA drives in 250 or 500 GB capacities, USB 2.0 connections, and Mac and PC compatibility.

Just don’t forget to lock it down though, because these will disappear fast!

[Meninos – External Hard Drives]