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…Pasties are not pastries?


In a recent post about correcting typos online, Stephen J. Dubner quoted from an article in The Economist: “In the hills north east of Mexico City it is not uncommon to find Cornish pasties for sale.”

He adds: They meant to write “pastries” but, considering that miners work really hard, they might also be hoping to encounter the kind of people who go shopping for pasties.

Unfortunately for Stephen, The Economist did not mean to write “pastries”, and to prove it, mailed him a genuine Cornish pasty stuffed with peas, carrots, potatoes and mystery meat.

If only all mistakes were that delicious!

[Freakonomics – Dept. of Oops]

[Via: Serious Eats]

…Drugs make you rich?

$53 Million

Authorities in Mexico seized $53 million in cash that was hidden in a Mexico City house, guarded by seven people, for what must have been a huge drug operation. How would you like to sleep on something like that every night?

Edit: Apparently, it wasn’t $53 million, but rather $205 million that was seized! That makes it the largest seizure of drug money in the history of drug money seizures, give or take a few million.

[More Pics: El Universal Online]

[Los Angeles Times – Mexico Meth Raid Yields $205 Million In U.S. Cash]

[Via: Boing Boing]