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…The Splinter looks sinister?


Joe Harmon wants to build a supercar out of wood.

Called the Splinter, and featuring a mid-engined, monocoque design that is to be made almost entirely out of wood laminates, it definitely looks the part, but since this mock up was created as part of a graduation project, the Splinter site is about as close to production as this car is ever going to get.

Click through to the site though, and check out the amazingly detailed details using Splinter Vision.

Yes, it’s that cool.


[Via: Core77]

…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Kimini 2.2?


The Kimini 2.2 is a “from-scratch, home-built, carbon shelled, mid-engined (Honda Prelude VTEC 4-cylinder) Mini.

After 3,000 hours of labor and $20K in components and material, I’d say the end result speaks for itself.

Click through for a very detailed account of the build process.

[Kimini 2.2]