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…Flow has an amazing icon?


A popular program’s icon is something that you probably interact with on a daily basis, so it’s always interesting to get into the mind of an icon designer to see just what decisions they’re making during their design process.

Sebastiaan de With is the man behind the new icon for Flow (an FTP client for the Mac that is heavy on both form and function) and his work is fantastic.

The end result is a swirl (or is it a flow) of colors that grabs the eye and demands clickage, but the steps that he takes to get to that end result are what’s interesting.

Flow there now.

[Cocoia Blog – Designing Flow’s Icon: Our Favorite Attractor]


[Via: Shawn Blanc]

…Sound can play tricks on your mind?


I’ve posted plenty of visual illusions, but never an audio one.

To take part, just listen to the following video. Then, when it’s done, replay the video to hear the sound continue to ‘creep-up’.


[Via: The Presurfer]